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Liepupe manor
Discover past traditions and
unforgettable impressions
Garden and park

The park was created in the 18th and 19th centuries, as an ensemble for the estate. One can still sense its underlying structure. The von Sangers had to create the Liepupe estate park in the late 19th century almost from nothing, although they did not deviate from the regular planning established more than a century earlier. The vegetation currently planted in the park reflects the same plants from around the year 1890; older trees did not survive. 

Over time, the park has been relandscaped and varied with the addition of groups of trees and shrubs. During World War II, German troops destroyed the park and cut down the trees, with just a few still standing to this day. After the war, the park was used as a venue for various events such as open-air dance parties; a recreation ground and several service structures were also built. In the recent past, it lingered, uncared for and overgrown, awaiting a caring owner. The Liepupe estate park was assigned the status of a state architectural monument in 1998. The estate park’s vegetation has been restored and put in order, with particular care taken for the ancient trees. A greenhouse has been built inside the park.